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The second corner of the Earth

The life and times of BB

These are the travels and the stories of Ronald Bartels, born a South African.

The four corners of the Earth are where we have been, where we are, where we will be going and where we end up. When I was a baby my parents told me I was attached to my bottle and would not give it up. They concocted a story that they had to give it to the elephant in the Bloemfontein zoo to feed her babies. That was the last I saw of it, but every family gathering they would have great pleasure in retelling the story. never realizing that it wasn't appropriate to retell traumatizing events.

These are my stories. 


Cosmos, Blackjacks and Kharkibos

The Queen of Sheba

The strong one

In my previous lifetime I would have been a Roman gladiator

In the beginning 

Jeremy Clarkson and I agree that the best vehicle is a Massey-Ferguson

Herd of Zebra 

The church in Sleepy Hollow


Being in the sh*t and having the sh*t hit the fan

The gypsy


I learnt to program on a ZX81

genchi genbutsu

What really matters


How the forgotten rockstar created the soundtrack of my generation

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