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Your path to success || Network Engineer in 2021

What should you be learning in 2021 to be successful as a network engineer? Which skills and trends are most important.

easywall - Web interface for easy use of the IPTables firewall on Linux systems written in Python3.

Firewalls are becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Hackers and automated scripts are constantly trying to invade your system and use it for Bitcoin mining, botnets or other things. To prevent these attacks, you can use a firewall on your system. IPTables is the strongest firewall in Linux because it can filter packets in the kernel before they reach the application. Using IPTables is not very easy for Linux beginners. We have created easywall - the simple IPTables web interface . The focus of the software is on easy installation and use. Access this neat software over on github: easywall

Silicon Valley S01E05 scrum scene


TROOPERS13 - Virtual firewalls - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Ivan Pepelnjak


Ivan Pepelnjak, Fast Failover: Marketing and Reality ● RSNOG 07


Collection of Network Collective videos

Terry Slattery EIGRP Vint Cerf Wireless Babel

How I Boarded a US NAVY NUCLEAR SUBMARINE in the Arctic (ICEX 2020) - Smarter Every Day 237


The splicer has arrived — but we need more.

Our splicer, part funded by the campaign and a generous donor, has reached its intended location in Kharkiv, Ukraine and was immediately put to use. Here you can see our founding team member and driver Rene loading it into his truck in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This article was originally published over on Global NOG Alliance:  The splicer has arrived — but we need more.

Real World Talks: pfsense firewalls for home and business? // Featuring Tom Lawrence


Should You Buy A UniFi Dream Machine, USG, USG Pro, or Dream Machine Pro?


Rolex Oyster Cosmograph & Documentation, ca. 1971


Why brown outs have the same consequences as black outs!

  In technology terms a black is a full outage and a brown out is a congestion situation. The usual thing is that a blackout is debilitating while a brownout is an inconvenience. However, in many cases congestion is just as debilitating as an outage especially in the case of a network or even a service desk. Domino effect Let us assume that to deliver a resources we need 10 resources. These resources might be people, processes or tools. Now, assume there are only 9 resources. Logic would deduce that the delivery service would degrade by 10%. However, this is incorrect as the delivery of services immediately drops by 25%. This is because the impact of forcing other resources to try and close the gap, also reduces their effectiveness. Additionally, over time the service delivery starts trending further downwards because of a cascading dominoes effect where eventually a full outage situation might as well be declared. Thus if you have a service desks that

How the forgotten rockstar created the soundtrack of my generation

  The madumbi farm In the midlands of Kwazulu Natal, a few kilometres north of the small town of New Hanover is the farm where I grew up. The farm is nestled in a beautiful valley where my father grew potatoes and cabbages and other vegetables including madumbis (read about them here ). The farm house was located on the one slope of the valley. It was a dusty house with wooden floors, red bricks and a green tin roof. Outside my window grew a glorious old wild fig tree. It was more on the side of being a hovel than a mansion. Tea Room We did not have television until the late seventies and then it was only a couple of hours a day with mostly government propaganda. My recollection of the Apollo moon landings were the interesting books and stickers that the Total fuel service station in town gave us. We never watched those landings live on TV like the rest of the world! Americans call a fuel service station, a gas station, but to us gas meant a fart. It

The second corner of the Earth

The life and times of BB These are the travels and the stories of Ronald Bartels, born a South African. The four corners of the Earth are where we have been, where we are, where we will be going and where we end up. When I was a baby my parents told me I was attached to my bottle and would not give it up. They concocted a story that they had to give it to the elephant in the Bloemfontein zoo to feed her babies. That was the last I saw of it, but every family gathering they would have great pleasure in retelling the story. never realizing that it wasn't appropriate to retell traumatizing events. These are my stories.  Sterotypes Cosmos, Blackjacks and Kharkibos The Queen of Sheba The strong one In my previous lifetime I would have been a Roman gladiator In the beginning   Jeremy Clarkson and I agree that the best vehicle is a Massey-Ferguson Herd of Zebra   The church in Sleepy Hollow Standstill   Being in


Bill Gates is a rich man.  At one stage he was the richest.  However, many people believe he is inherently evil because he funds vaccine research and as a result the conspiracy theories abound.   His opponents have a number of problems and attempt to restrict his behaviour.  They say he is no vaccine expert but ironically they think themselves qualified to make that observation to which they themselves invariably don't measure up.  The fundamental point they miss is that Bill Gates has never himself done the work but hired the best in the world to do it and as such promotes it.  At the heart of it all is an intellectual bigotry.  It is similar to other forms of bigotry that exist and also abounds with name calling.  Its juvenile behaviour that involves throwing insults and encouraging a few of your compatriots to join you in your crusade to malign an individual.  None of it is rational or objective.  It is all subjective and discriminatory. Heck, the phenomenon is not new.  In the

SD-WAN Failover and Bandwidth Aggregation Explained


How Small or Big is Off-Premises/Public Cloud, According to Gartner

The article was originally published By Greg Ferro over on EtherealMind: How Small or Big is Off-Premises/Public Cloud, According to Gartner    

Top 10 SD-WAN Providers


Example of an intrductory SD-WAN video


Wireshark SSH Remote Packet Capture


The use cases for SD-WAN by Fusion Broadband

  MPLS migration   MPLS has been used in the enterprise since the late 2000's and many networks are built using this technology. In reality it is still the significant majority. An MPLS network is used in a scenario where an organization has a number of geographically dispersed branches. These are interconnected using MPLS from network operators. MPLS is inherently expensive. A link to a branch averages out at about R12k while alternatives are in the region of R3k. Besides the cost, the implementation of these types of networks is difficult and time consuming. High level engineers are required and often extensive troubleshooting is required to operationalize deployments. MPLS is provided by the larger network opertors, the architecture requires long design, quote, order and implementation cycles. Configuration is also a complex undertaking that can lead to costly errors that take time to identify and fix. Extending MPLS networks into cloud hosting or to reach cl

Video: Implementing Rock Solid DNS for SD-WAN

View my video about implementing rock solid DNS on Fusion's SD-WAN.    This video was originally published over at LinkedIn: Video: Implementing Rock Solid DNS for SD-WAN    

Video: Recording of MyBroadband SD-WAN webinar by Fusion including ITried and Comsol

  View a recording of Fusion's webinar about SD-WAN. This video features Wynand Theron and Justin Colyn .    This video was originally published over on LinkedIn: Video: Recording of MyBroadband SD-WAN webinar by Fusion including ITried and Comsol    

Video: What the man in the street needs to know about SD-WAN

Ronald Bartels from Fusion Broadband South Africa explains in common language using analogies about Software Defined Wide Area Networking!    This video was originally published over on LinkedIn: Video: What the man in the street needs to know about SD-WAN  

Video: The secret to dealing with major incidents especially ones related to security

  Ron from Fusion Broadband South Africa is joined by Bern to discuss some secrets to dealing with outages in IT. The webinar should highlight how time makes a difference which is where the SD-WAN provided by Fusion features strongly as it is able to provide the critical time metrics. Fusion Sintrex  This video was originally published over on LinkedIn:Video: The secret to dealing with major incidents especially ones related to security  

How can SD-WAN help to ease data security and compliance headaches?

Data security and data privacy have become increasingly important as the digital world becomes our reality. Laws and regulations have emerged to support this, and every industry now has some form of compliance requirement to keep data safe while maintaining industry standards. Networks and devices can be points of vulnerability that allow bad actors access to data, particularly now as more people are working remotely. A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) can help organisations to secure both networks and devices to support compliance and ease data security challenges.  Read the article published over at Engineering News by Amritesh Anand, Associate Vice President - Pre Sales at In2IT Technologies: How can SD-WAN help to ease data security and compliance headaches?

Definitive networking, by software

S oftware-defined networking (SD-WAN) underwent some fairly interesting changes in 2020. HPE acquired SD-WAN market leader Silver Peak, CloudGenix was bought by Palo Alto Networks, Juniper Networks bought 128 Technology, VMware acquired Nyansa, and Ericsson trundled off with Cradlepoint. Secure access service edge (SASE) technology continued down its own evolutionary path, a development that has bolstered the potential and capability of SD-WAN significantly. The two combine to create a far more agile and secure solution to the business that’s juggling remote working and an increasingly globalised workforce. In fact, a recent Forrester analysis pointed out that SD-WAN is the remote office in a box, but only if the investment into the technology is not a plug and play affair, but rather a long-term focus on skills, process, metrics and procedures that leverages automation and orchestrated service-chaining.   This article published over at ITWeb is a deep dive into why any o

Video: Broadband links for a small business

  Ronald and Kirthesh discuss the options available broadband options for a small business.    This was published over on LinkedIn: Video: Broadband links for a small business

Video: Troubleshooting remote SD-WAN sites using Fusion

A quick demo of the capabilities of Fusion to use tools such as Wireshark and Brim.    This article was previously published over on LinkedIn: Video: Troubleshooting remote SD-WAN sites using Fusion

Video: The problem with firewalls and the way we work

An insight by Ronald Bartels into the current spate on ransomware attacks and organizations worldwide being compromised. Listen in.    This article was originally published over on LinkedIn: Video: The problem with firewalls and the way we work

Accessing remote cloud servers as drives

  I use Windows as a desktop but access cloud servers. So I use the putty application often. However, I often to to download files and here I usesshfs-win .  When accessing a system that is local and does not have direct Internet access I use rport . This article was originally published over on LinkedIn: Accessing remote cloud servers as drives

The iBurst ring tone

  When iBurst launched VoIP this was the ring tone and I use it still to this day!

iBurst offers dynamic new VSAT product to businesses and SMEs anywhere in South Africa!

Telecoms company iBurst has once again become the first in the market to introduce an innovative product – its uncapped satellite solution! The uncapped VSAT product is geared at providing businesses in all corners of South Africa with unrestricted access to broadband services. This  article was originally published over at the ITWeb press office: iBurst offers dynamic new VSAT product to businesses and SMEs anywhere in South Africa!

iBurst going IPv6

iBurst has successfully completed testing of IPv6 on its network (access, transmission, peering and transit), and will start enabling the packet gateways to use dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 from this week. The change will start in Gauteng, then Kwazulu-Natal and finally Western Cape. Read the full article over at MyBroadband:  iBurst going IPv6      

Video: Business owners claim they are losing millions when the Internet failures

Listen to Ronald Bartels from Fusion talk about multiple Internet links are how using SD-WAN makes them reliable and saves a business millions. Ronald Bartels provides solutions to networking and last mile reliability problems. The solution from  Fusion Broadband  allows a business to stay 100% connected, avoid downtime and keep working. The Fusion Broadband solution has been installed in many vertical industries including state owned and private entities.In addition to the  IBM Beacon Award 2020 for Infrastructure Services , the solution is a mature software platform that has over 2000 installed instances of multiple site private wide area networking deployments. Contact us at to learn how your business can prevent unnecessary loss.