It's not about the uptime - time to throw away the RAGs

All network management products miss the point. Their primary focus is on monitoring uptime. This is often referred to as a RAG tool. Red, Amber, Green where Red signifies down,Amber signifies intermittent connectivity problems and Green signifies good connectivity. This serves no business purpose and cannot justify any return on investment. All the development is in looking at when the situation is acceptable but none when you are in dire straits. How is this monitoring? All it does is give you a comfortable feeling. With this approach there is no difference in the value proposition of 'ping' or a network management framework product worth a million bucks.
What is required is to monitor downtime. Outages require a special view that is serialized and has the outage time. However, it is not the length of time of the outage that is important but the crucial time periods within the outage the provide the metrics. These metric times are aligned with the expanded incident lifecycle.

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