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Measuring Home Internet Latency and Performance using mtr, Cribl LogStream, InfluxDB and Grafana

One of the most shocking things to me during the current COVID-19 crisis is that the infrastructure we’ve come to depend upon for our work, entertainment, and lifeline to the outside world has continued to function quite well despite surging demand. Our home Internet has become like the dial-tone it replaced, and Netflix and other streaming services like our cable. We expect it to be on and working. Read the article over at Cribl here .

Generating a Report of Routing Table Information

Problem You need to extract the IP routing table from one of your routers. Solution The script in Example 2-2 , , uses SNMP to extract the routing table from a specified router, and displays this information to standard output (STDOUT). The script expects to find a hostname or IP address of a router on the command line. Read the blog post over at All Cisco-Network Study Notes here .