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Improving Data Center Reliability With IoT Reliability and availability are essential to data centers. IoT can enable better issue tracking and data collection, leading to greater stability.   Doing the Work Right in Data Centers With Checklists Data centers are complex. Modern economies rely upon their continuous operation. IoT solutions paired with this data center checklist can help!   IoT Optimizes Major Incident Handling Major Incidents occur on a daily basis across all industry types. IoT provides an innovative platform enabling a consistent workflow process which will handle major incidents in a manner that reduces their adverse consequences.   Using IoT to Reduce the Shock of Blackouts and Load-Shedding IoT is able to mitigate some of the effects of blackouts and load-shedding, enabling businesses to better handle the fallout.   Improving Infrastructure Reliability by Understanding IoT Dependencies Currently, there is no s

A guide to installing Elastiflow

Elastiflow is some great software but has two problems. It is a hungry beast as you need to provide it some decent hardware. Secondly, the documentation and recipes are poor. Read the post over at LinkedIn over here .