On the 11th, 21st and 22nd September Cool Ideas experienced several DDoS attacks. A DDoS = (Distributed Denial of Service) is simply the delivery of unwanted traffic to our highways.
In this case the specific strain of attack is called a "DNS Amplification Attack", which affected certain customers.
What is that in English? Well speaking figuratively, it's the equivalent of thousands uponthousands of "The Walking Dead" zombies on a highway heading to our network. They are everywhere. They're headed for your grandma's porch, your porch, and even your neighbour's porch. Even the highways were getting clogged. If you've ever been in a traffic jam after the school holidays on the N1, then you can picture it already! We wish to use this opportunity to apologise to our clients that were negatively impacted by these events. Whilst the details of the attack are quite technical in nature,
the zombie analogy works very well.

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Ron - the Other Guy