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StarLeaf Pronto transforms the meeting room experience so users can connect and share in an instant

New device engineered for the enterprise allows users to enter a video conferencing meeting room then instantly connect and share their laptop screen. Find out more about the product here . 

WiFi Monitoring Sensors

NetBeez offers WiFi sensors that run network and application performance measurements on any WiFi network. Wireless engineers can retrieve real-time and historical data for the following metrics: Transmitted and received bits/sec on the wlan0 interface Signal strength and link quality detected by the 802.11ac NIC Associated band, channel and BSSID number Bit rate established with the access point SSID scans to detect locally broadcasting networks Find out more about the product here .

The WiFi Pineapple TETRA

Hak5 is excited to introduce a dual band (2.4/5 GHz) solution to its 6th generation wireless auditing arsenal -- the WiFi Pineapple Tetra.  Building on the successes and feedback of its predecessor, the WiFi Pineapple Tetra addresses the need for a rock solid dual-band penetration testing base station with exceptional performance.  Find out more about product here .

FLIR ONE Pro LT Awarded 2019 Electrical Construction & Maintenance Product of the Year

Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine (EC&M) has awarded the FLIR ONE Pro LT as its 2019 Product of the Year, taking the win in the Portable Test & Measurement Equipment category. Each year, EC&M names winners across a variety of product categories representing electrical professionals from the engineering, contracting, and plant facilities and maintenance industries. Winners are recognized for and products are evaluated on a commitment to safety, innovation, and efficiency.  To learn more about the FLIR ONE Pro LT, please visit

6 Key Metrics You Need to Track for Load Balancing

Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and IT managers of all breeds are finding themselves at the sharp end of business change, sitting alongside operational leaders to help make key decisions and deliver customer value. But with this new responsibility comes the need to evolve the metrics that they use to inform their moves and to ensure that they align with the core strategic priorities of the business. Read the blog post over at snapt here .

Overcoming The 5 Objections To Tech Blogging

There are lots of people in the tech community who have an inclination to write a technical blog, but never get around to it. In my experience, people have five general objections: I’m Not An Expert I’ll Get Things Wrong No One Will Read It I Don’t Have Time The Internet Can Be Hostile These objections are valid, but they aren’t necessarily insurmountable. Here’s a few tips on how to overcome them. Read the blog post over at Packet Pushers here .

5 Common Cold Room Mistakes

Whether you own a supermarket or a pharmacy, your cold room is an essential investment and its efficacy is our business. Successfully managing a cold room is about maintaining the right temperature and throughput. There are a number of mistakes that cold room owners tend to make that can have a detrimental effect on one or both of these factors. Insulated Structures has narrowed down the five most common ones, with advice on how to avoid making them. Read the blog post over at Insulated Structures here .

How did Facebook go down despite multiple data centers?

The Mercury retrograde kicked in big time on Wednesday as Facebook suffered an eight hour-outage that also affected Instagram and Facebook Messenger.  No one was believed to be harmed; a few might have even had offline interactions with other human beings. Read the article over at Network World here .

What's new in Uila v2.2?

We are excited to announce the availability of the latest release v2.2 for the Uila solution .  Here are a few highlights of the new features in the release.

Network Rookies Leave Spanning Tree At Defaults

Network rookies leave spanning tree at defaults. The root bridge ends up as some switch in a closet. A new switch is added to the network, and sometimes traffic goes wonky for a while. Spanning tree gets blamed as if it’s a teenager with an attitude problem.  Wrong. Spanning tree just needs to be managed, and then it behaves predictably. It all starts by rigging the election to make the root bridge the switch you want it to be. Watch the video over here .

Mini UPS 12V 2A (1850mAh) Backup Battery Power Bank Supply - B315, B618, CCTV, Router

But it over at geewiz over here .

3 steps to take before deploying SD-WAN

As enterprises develop network strategies and technical roadmaps, one hot technology that will be on their radar is SD-WAN , a significant transformational solution in networking and a major change  from the MPLS status quo that most enterprises have deployed.  As bullish as we are on SD-WAN, we recommend that any enterprise contemplating its adoption take a few preliminary steps to minimize the disruption and costs associated with transitioning from the legacy network.  Read the article over at Network World here .

Dimension Data may be headed back to the JSE

Something big is going on at Dimension Data. The IT services group’s Middle East and Africa (MEA) operations could soon be listed on Johannesburg’s stock exchange, if speculation swirling through the IT industry is correct.  Rumours have been doing the rounds for some time now that Dimension Data’s MEA management team — likely led by group executive chairman Jeremy Ord — has been keen to buy out the local arm of the Japanese-owned IT services conglomerate and list it on the JSE. Read the article over at TechCentral over here .

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram suffer widespread outage

Facebook is undergoing one of its most widespread and persistent system outages, with users across the globe unable to access its social network and services from Instagram to Messenger for much of Wednesday.  From about noon New York time, users encountered only partially loaded pages or no content at all, accompanied by a message saying an error had occurred. Several brand marketers tweeted that Facebook’s ad-buying system was down as well. As of about 6.30pm New York time, Facebook said it was still investigating the overall impact, “including the possibility of refunds for advertisers”. Read the article over at TechCentral over here .

Tips from a Network Detective

For over 30 years I’ve been in the playing in the “world of IT” and wow has that world changed a great deal in those years. But through all that change, there has been a thread, for me, that has always remained constant. Troubleshooting! The thrill of the “chase” and the challenge of solving the “who done it”.  I’ve learned a lot over the years. What works… what doesn’t work.  What helps… what hinders. Like any Detective “on the job” for so many years… it would be impossible to pass on to you everything I would really like to.  So let’s go with the tips I think will give you the biggest ROI if you apply them. Read the blog post over at Networking with Fish over here .

Massive blackouts across Joburg

Suburbs across Johannesburg, South Africa’s economic hub, were hit by widespread power outages on Friday that electricity providers were unable to explain. “Technicians are on site to determine the cause of the outage,” Khulu Phasiwe, a spokesman for state-owned power utility Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd., said via Twitter. There’s no estimated time for the restoration of electricity at this stage, he said. Read the article over at MyBroadband over here .

Vumatel notice after blackout

Good evening Please note that following the large power outage in Johannesburg this afternoon, your internet connection may take longer than normal to restore. Please kindly be patient and allow for a few hours for your connection to restore. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. Kind regards, The VUMA team

Meeting the challenge of the digital age with SD‑WAN

Down the ebook from Orange Business here .

Introducing the Plunder Bug by Hak5

The latest Hak5 Gear is the first Smart LAN Tap that lets you "bug" Ethernet connections with the convenience of USB-C. In addition to a passive sniffing mode in Windows, Mac and Linux, the Plunder Bug can be used as an active USB Ethernet adapter. This modern twist on the LAN Tap even features a companion Android app for recording and sharing packet captures on the go. Find out more about the product here . 

SD-WAN: 10 essential considerations

SD-WAN is the hottest new technology in networking and many distributed organizations have already or will soon adopt SD-WAN solutions. Here are 10 essential considerations for IT organizations weighing whether to adopt or expand their SD-WANs. The attraction of SD-WAN stems from the fact that it combines multiple physical WAN links into one logical network and provides traffic prioritization to accelerate performance of applications that are deployed in internal data centers and in clouds. Read the article over at Network World over here .

Ignite SD-WAN

Find out more about the product here .

Heavy Networking 432: Analyzing SD-WAN So Far And So Future

We look at the business drivers of SD-WAN, compare market hype to actual deployments, debate the notion you can ditch MPLS for DIA, and get insights about the operational challenges and cost considerations that come with SD-WAN. Access the podcast above or over at Packet Pushers over here .

Always-on Internet, even when loadshedding strikes!

Load shedding has returned with a vengeance, with many suburbs being hit hard by power cuts, reaching levels of severity not seen for four years. In today’s internet driven world people can live without lights but not without Wi-Fi. We might not be able to solve the country’s power supply issues but we can offer you a solution to keep your Wi-Fi always-on. Beat load shedding and always stay connected with MikroTik’s LTE products. Find out more about the product over at Miro over here .


As avid cyclist ourselves we want cyclists all over the country to be able to participate in races and not worry about costly transportation or any dismantling. We will safely get your bicycle to your race, when you are done leave your bicycle with us and go have that deserving drink!  You will be able to collect prior to the race and drop off once your race is done. We have a hanging system to ensure your bicycle is not boxed up but safely secured. You are welcome to leave your helmet, shoes and other small cycling items . Find out more about the service here . 


Dynasonics ultrasonic meters measure flow rate by propagating ultrasound waves into liquid-filled pipes and measuring the reflections. There are two technologies to choose from based on the fluid properties—transit time and Doppler. With clamp-on technology, these ultrasonic meters reside outside the pipe and bring you flow measurement with many benefits including reduced installation costs, uninterrupted production, installation flexibility across a wide range of pipe sizes, no pressure head loss, no contact with internal liquid and no moving parts to maintain. Find out more about the product over at Badger Meter here .