AIOps to Solve The World's Biggest IT Problems

Contributed by Richard Whitehead, Chief Evangelist at Moogsoft over at vmblog.

In a new world of emergent and automated technologies, artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOPs) stands out as a practical leader of the pack. The benefits of implementation have already enhanced daily tasks like performance analysis, anomaly detection and noise reduction, but 2019 looks to be a stellar year for an industry already able to cut through the buzzwords with real success.
With Gartner recently reporting that, "by 2022, 40% of all large enterprises will combine big data and machine learning functionality to support and partially replace monitoring, service desk and automation processes and tasks, up from 5% today," here are two examples of how AIOps will make strides in the industry next year.
Overcoming the To-Do List of Decades-Old IT Challenges
We've been hearing the same IT-related complaints for the last twenty years, like data management and analysis, and with the rise and implementation of AI technologies, we're finally able to circle back to those issues with a proper solution. The biggest wins we'll see for the industry next year is that we'll finally be able to resolve decades-old challenges in infrastructure observability and noise reduction.
Reducing the Final 1% of IT Operational Noise
When we apply automation technologies to IT operations today, we're able to see up to a 99 percent reduction in noise. Over the next decade, experts and innovators will continually be pushing to eliminate that extra 1 percent. While at first that might sound like such a minimal accomplishment, the exponential increase in data and information makes this a monumental task.

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