Fault Tree Analysis Made Easy

If you are ITIL certified, you’ve heard of Fault Tree Analysis, or FTA. But if you’re like most, you probably have no idea how to actually perform or use FTA!  Simply put, FTA is a method for discovering the root causes of failures or potential failures. FTA then helps you understand how to fix or prevent the failure.  FTA is an analysis that starts with a top-level event, like a service outage. You then work it downward to evaluate all the contributing faults, and the causes of faults, that may ultimately lead (or have led) to its occurrence. You use the fault tree diagram to identify countermeasures to eliminate the causes of the failure.
FTA requires nothing more complex than paper, pencil, and an understanding of the service at hand. You will need accurate Configuration Information (CI) contextual information in order to get the most value from FTA. 

The following 6 simple steps, available here, can help you resolve tough design issues or problems quickly and easily.