Best Practices of Enterprise Data Center Facility - Design and Methodology

This post I am publishing with the intent of showcasing my hands on experience in delivering and executing several Internet Data Centers for Telecom entities like Bahrain Telecom(Batelco),Indian IT Giant (Wipro),Technology Consultancy -Eblana Enterprise Group(Ireland) and Middle East Bank to name a few.There have been excellent Whitepapers and Books published by Cisco,Sun Microsystems,Juniper,HP on this topic and I have used some of the Techniques practiced by these major Network/Server manufacturers during the physical execution of these Projects, and I would advise that this post is not detailed Technical reference material on "Best practices of Enterprise Data Centers" but rather a concise or summarized viewpoint on the Design aspects of the Data Centers which I practiced during the build up of the Data Centers and my Role of Team Lead and Project Manager of these complex ICT Infrastructure.I again stress that for detailed information the reader is advised to research on several repositories and standards available on the Internet

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