An aplication of Flight Safety Data at Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines and Megaputer Intelligence conducted a joint proof-of -concept project in support of t he Global Aviation Information Network (GAIN) Working Group B effort s to facilitate and prom ote the use of automated data and text mining tools in t he aviation safety comm unity . Megaputer Intelligence provided the analytical software (Poly Analyst™) and its usage expertise, and Southwest Airlines provided de-identified reports from their Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) database along with guidance and insight on the relevancy of the results. The A SAP database contains voluntary feedback from pilots on abnormal occurrences in different phases of flight. The project spanned a six-week period wherein different analytical methodologies were demonstrated to the Flight Safety Officers (FSOs) to identify potential safety issues fro m the pilot narratives. The emphasis of the project was to demonstrate new knowledge by conducting a comprehensive analysis of all available data to discover trends, associations, and correlations. 

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