Two Beer Networking - SDWAN Kills Carriers

I think that SD-WAN could totally change the carrier market, in a destructive way, that is good for customers.
  1. MPLS revenue for Private WAN is already declining 
  2. SD-WAN disrupts the router vendors who have cosy arrangements with carriers (their best customers) by producing devices that don't damage carriers revenue. Is that why startups developed SD-WAN and not Cisco or Juniper ? 
  3. Multi-carrier networks create arbitrage opportunities that reduce cost of bandwidth by more than 50%. Now that is a "disruptive" technology! 
  4. Why are we stuck with dumb routers on dumb bandwidth paying dumb prices ? 
  5. Carriers are hopeless at customer service. Do you really believe that they could manage your firewalls, proxies, QOS etc ? Pfffftttt. Thats why I think carrier NFV is dumb. 
  6. Customers hate carriers. It could be time for customers to get even. 
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