What is Remote Work? A Guide for Building Remote Teams and Finding Your Dream Work-from-Home Job

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of working from home or building a remote-first company, now is a great time to be alive. Remote work has never been more popular and more achievable.  Remote work — working from the place in the world where you are happiest and most productive, regardless of your physical proximity to an office or a coworker — is a reality for more than 40 percent of the workforce. Forty-three percent of U.S. workers spend at least some time working remotely at a growing list of remote-friendly workplaces. We are one of those remote workplaces at Buffer, and we want everyone to be able to understand and achieve the benefits of remote work for themselves. We put together this guide all about remote work, finding your dream work-from-home job, and building a remote-first business. This is a living resource, which we’ll update regularly. Feel free to bookmark it and return often. We hope you find everything you’re looking for here!

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