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Visiting Cabletron in New Hampsire

It was a cold winter.  In any case, for a South Africa at least.  Cabletron was big in the LAN business and had a large amount of Ethernet kit and some token-ring.  They were trying to update their product portfolio with switches as they only had bridges.
We arrived there on a freezing day in December.  The snow was lying in drifts.  There were a few cars in the car park but no people about.  I saw for the first time in my life a frozen pond next to the car park!  This fascinated me!  I walked out onto the pond.  I jumped up and down and then found a rock to bang on the ice to try and crack it.
Unbeknown to me the whole building was watching me through those opaque glass windows.  I never realized that until I walked into the building.
Must be why they never bought those Madge Ringswitches.
PS:  I recall clambering around a nuclear submarine that was on display near our hotel on the New Hampshire coast on the weekend!


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