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Try and buy a CAU with an AU (Dutch saying when in pain) - Gist Brocades – Delft

As part of the sales strategy we offered prospects to test our products in their own environment for one month, before making a decision to buy the items. That was a successful strategy because most of the times products proved to enhance performance, flexibility and manageability in the network they were placed and prospects became customers.

We did the same at Gist Brocades in Delft, 2 CAU’s were placed in a separate ring of the network to monitor and do some performance tests. After a few weeks the IT guys already informed us that they were excited about the products and were pushing the purchase department to approve the pro-forma invoice. Then the most feared IT buyer in the Netherlands kicked in, asking for a lot of discount. We were not used to give away money as we were convinced of the unique quality of our products so we refused. Despite several attempts to trade a reasonable quantity of products to earn some discount the guy did not move a single step form his standpoint.

When we informed him that the one month probation time was almost over and if he wanted to keep using the product, paying the invoice was the only option. He refused so Andre Mooi and I decided to go to Delft to try and convince him for the last time, armed with just a screwdriver and with the plead from the IT guys on paper to please leave the CAU’s in the network and give them more.

After 5 minutes in his office the guy decided to pay the invoice as received. His ego and reputation in the Dutch market have never been the same ever since. The IT guys got their additional Madge equipment as part of the 3 years replacement strategy from Gist Brocades.

 Arie Hakemulder


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