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Heath Robinson - solving the problems of the Human world with gadgets - the Awesome World of Things

The term "Heath Robinson" entered the popular language during the 1914–1918 First World War as a description of any unnecessarily complex and implausible contrivance. Robinson was born in London into a long line of artists. He aspired to be a landscape painter, but had little commercial success and so followed his father and brothers into commercial book and magazine illustration. He provided the artwork for a number of books, including Don Quixote and The Water Babies. In the run up to and during World War One, Robinson became known for a series of drawings in magazines such as The Tatler, poking fun at human life, where carrying out normal tasks with supposed simple devices stretched to ridiculous extremes using complex or convoluted contraptions. These performed trivial tasks, such as potato peeling, wart removal and pancake making. His work quickly became popular especially during the war where he poked fun at the German war machine.

Find out more about Heath Robinson over at LinkedIn here.


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