EXFO Ontology - real-time active topology - EXFO Ontology finds, combines and transforms information relating to business entities from multiple data sources into a searchable semantic model.

The EXFO Ontology real-time active topology platform and modules are used for network service and customer assurance applications. They are also used as a source of data for active inventory systems to support visualization, troubleshooting, workflow and data alignment for network operations center (NOC), service operations center (SOC) and care systems.  With its graph-data-based approach and a graph pattern matching inference/rules engine, EXFO Ontology discovers or computes most of the relationships between data stored in communications service provider's (CSPs) systems for network and element management (NMS/EMS), billing, assurance, fulfillment, and CRM. It constructs a mapping of tags, pointers and relationships accurately representing a service and its underlying virtual, logical and physical resources.

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