Considering SD-WAN? How to Make the Best Decision for your Organization

Networking Field DayAfter #NFD13 and writing those two blogs, I’ve been pondering some questions regarding SD-WAN, trying to put myself in the place of you, the reader. I’ve also been considering this because I’ve recently had the opportunity to provide some advice to consulting customers on the topic.  You did read my prior two blog posts on VeloCloud and Viptela, right? And my older blog posts from #NFD9?

The key questions I ask myself:
  • If I were a potential SD-WAN customer, what should I be thinking about?
  • There are many vendors; how can I possibly decide which to try?
Rather than providing you with a decision tree flow chart or canned answer, I’d like to be a bit more flexible by discussing things someone considering SD-WAN should think about.
First, there are a couple of up-front questions to consider (and they’re not just because I work for a Cisco Gold partner):
  • Does your organization have a heavy investment in Cisco equipment, particularly WAN routers, and skills?
  • Do you have a current Cisco VPN that works OK? Are you or your organization risk-averse?
  • Do you need simplicity, or do you favor in-house control?
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