Saxonwold Shebeen - where the Jozi clan gathers to sink a few calabashes of Umqombothi

It all started when Meerkat Brian took a few backhands and was found out by the Meerkat Protector Sentry. The Sentry was hiding in those fake palm trees we have here in Jozi that provide mobile phone connectivity to all the burrows. The Jozi Meerkat's are a sophisticated bunch who use electric power and pay large sums of money to a clan of Meerkat's at a burrow called Megawatt Park. This is where the devious Meerkat Brian started siphoning off moolah faster than a Cape Cobra chasing its supper.

Brian's reason was that he was not at the Gupta burrow but sinking Umqombothi at the Saxonwold Shebeen. The Shebeen started getting same rave reviews on Zomato and even on Google Maps. You'll see the old grey bearded Meerkat making his contribution. Others were not that convinced....