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How man has changed Jozi and made our city a unique place on the planet

It is rumored that the largest man-made urban forest in the world is located in Johannesburg, but the clans in the region know it as Jozi. This used to be a patch of savanna into which bliksemed a moerse meteor that created the world's largest crater many moons ago. Ironically, we never knew this until a dude called Spaceman looked out of his tin can in outer space and recognised it for the first time. The crashing meteor caused the forming of a ridge on the edge of the crater known as the Witswatersrand. This ridge had a valuable resource consisting of gold which had been brought closer to the surface by the might of the explosion that resulted when meteor struck. The crater is a few hundred kilometres in diameter. The name ridge in the local language is known as rand. And that is how our currency, the Rand, got its name. This gold which Jozi has in abundance resulted in the region becoming South Africa’s financial centre! We also call the greater region Egoli as a result. Thus our economic heritage is a mineral represented by the Au symbol, and has formed the basis on which Jozi was built. Jozi has some of the largest gold deposits the world has ever seen. The TauTona mine in Jozi is currently the deepest active gold mine on the planet. 

Find out more about Jozi over at LinkedIn here.


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