How to dramatically reduce the time to troubleshoot

When I worked for Madge Networks (read about the company here) I encountered a difficult problem. A bank had bought a large number of RAMs (token-ring networking hubs). These hubs were randomly rebooting. I started diagnosing the problem using a rudimentary checklist I had an failed to find a resolution. Eventually, two engineers from the UK arrived to assist on the problem. They had a head start on me as the problem had already been reported at a few other sites world wide. It eventually turned out to be oxidization on the power connectors to the power switching supply. The wrong tool and materials had been used to crimp and attach the connectors which had resulted in the oxidization and hence the intermittent resetting of the network equipment. However, the engineers provided a valuable hint in how to dramatically reduce the time to troubleshoot. They said a problem with networking equipment is either hardware or software and when it doubt it is most probably hardware.

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