Marilyn Monroe - an icon that defined a generation - the Awesome World of Things

Marilyn is the sexiest women of all time. She died more than 4 years before I was born but yet she is the Cleopatra of our time. Her legendary seductiveness would have captured King David, like it did with Bathsheba. Was it because she appeared nude in the first edition of the self help magazine for men? Was it because she seduced Presidents? Was it because she left us young and beautiful? Marilyn was an enigma! Norma Jeane bleached her brunette hair a golden blonde and became Marilyn. She was intelligent and used her ability to charm, no doubt a very sensuous person. "Candle in the Wind" is a song with music and lyrics by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. It was originally written in honour of Marilyn Monroe. John performed a rewritten version of the song as a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales. This version of the song was released as a single and reached No. 1 in many countries, proving a much greater success than the original, officially being listed as the second best-selling single of all time.

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