ELK: powerful tool for log correlation and real-time analytics

ELK is a powerful set of tools being used for log correlation and real-time analytics. This post will discuss the benefits of using it, and be a guide on getting it up and running in your environment. ELK is actually an acronym that stands for Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana. In recent months I have been seeing a lot of interest in ELK for systems operations monitoring as well as application monitoring. It was really impressive and I thought of how useful it could be for network operations. Many environments just have the basics covered (up/down alerting and performance monitoring). Some companies go one step further and are logging syslog to a central server. For long time this has been acceptable, but things must change. While this guide is solely meant to show how network data can be captured and used, the real goal is to have all infrastructure and applications log to ELK as well.

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