RADIUSdesk (The professional way to manage your WiFi network using FreeRADIUS)

  • RADIUSdesk is ideal to manage users accessing WiFi networks.
  • The web-based administration front-end to FreeRADIUS is professional, easy and fun to use yet very powerful.
  • RADIUSdesk has advanced features but is also easy to get started with initially.
  • A central place to manage
    • Permanent Users
    • Devices belonging to these permanent users (BYOD)
    • NAS devices which will be clients to the FreeRADIUS server
    • Have real-time feedback on debug traces from FreeRADIUS
    • Control various profiles available to Permanent Users; Devices.
    • Simplify the management of CoovaChilli login pages on large scale deployments
    • Accounting records
    • Network users
  • RADIUSdesk is Open Source and free to be used by anyone.
  • RADIUSdesk speaks many languages. It is now very easy to translate RADIUSdesk into your language; including RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew and Persian.