We blindly do tasks in Information Technology, not knowing the reason

I was in the Navy at Saldanha Bay. Every morning the base would parade at 8am and the national flag would be raised on the rigging. I recall those parades and being piped awake with a wise ass saying "word wakker, word wakker, die dag word al hoe kaker..." The rigging was painted white and one day I was in a group assigned to repaint it. One conscript was halfway up the rigging, when he dropped the paint tin. There was a huge splotch of paint at the bottom of the main mast of the rigging. We all looked at this and contemplated the opfok that was going to be due to us by the base GI. I then decided to paint the splotch into a nice square at the bottom of the mast. No-one noticed and we escaped a dishing out of punishment by the GI which was legendary.

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