ITIL Version 3 Material (via HCI)

ITIL Version 3 Material

General Overview Strategy Design Transition Operation Improvement

General ITIL Version 3 Material
Hendershott Consulting Inc Presentation on IT Service Management describing ITIL (vs 2), CobIT, CMMI and other frameworks
ITSM Solutions - ITIL V3 Introduction
Pink Elephant - A Cultural Roadmap for ITSM Adoption
Mantra - A practical guide and case study on leveraging ITIL v3 and ISO 20000 as part of your overall best-practice ecosystem.
CSU - PDCA Cycle
Deming - History
FOXIT - Service Lifecycle Model - Process Depiction
The Service Lifecycle Process
The Service Portfolio Big Picture
HCI - Service Lifecycle Model
CSU - Service Lifecycle Model
Jason A Stevenson, ITIL Consultant. Good description of ITIL, CMMI and CobIT and the framework overlaps between them. Email:
Hewlett-Packard - Bridging the Gap between ITIL vs 2 and vs 3 [To top of Page]

ITIL Overview
An Introductory Overview of ITIL® V3
ITIL Migration - V2 to v3
Compucom ITIL Introduction
CSU - IT Service Management Introduction ITSM Tool vendor Presentation on Value of ITSM
ILX Consulting presentation on history and overview of ITIL version 3 [To top of Page]

Service Strategy
3. Principles: Value Creation Assets Provider Types Structures Strategy Fundamentals
Bernard Boar, The Process of Strategy
CSU - The Concept of a Service
CSU - Assets, Resources and Capabilities
CSU - Four Ps of Service Management
CSU - Patterns of Business Activity - User Profiles
CSU - Utility and Warranty
CSU - Value Creation
Information Technology And Organizational Performance: An Integrative Model Of It Business Value
CSU - The Business Case
Concept of Operation Template
Service Strategy
5. Economics: Financial Mgmt Return On Investment Service Portfolio Mgmt Portfolio Mgmt Methods Demand Mgmt
CSU - Financial Management Objectives
CSU - Activity-Based Demand Management
CSU - Demand Management Challenges
CSU - Demand Management Objective [To top of Page]

Service Design
3. Principles: Goals Balance Serv Reqmnts Fundamentals Activities Aspects Later Activities Constraints SoA Bus.Reqmnts Models
ITIL® V3 Intermediate Lifecycle Stream: Service Design Certificate
ITIL SD - Figure 3.1 - The Business Change Process
CSU - Service Design Goals and Objectives
CSU - Service Design Aspects
CSU - Functions and Process
CSU - More on Process
CSU - Service Portfolio
ITIL SD - Figure 3.2 - Service Composition
ITIL SD - Figure 3.4 - The Service Relationships and Dependencies
CSU - Service Provider
CSU - Service Supplier
ITIL SD - Figure 3.5 - Aligning New Services to Business Requirements
ITIL SD - Figure 3.6 - The Service Portfolio - a Central Repository
ITIL SD - Figure 3.7 - The Service Lifecycle
ITIL SD - Figure 3.11 - Designing Processes
CSU - Concept of Service Management
CSU - Service Assets
CSU - Service Design Package
Service Design
4. Processes: SC Mgmt SLM Capacity Mgmt Availability Mgmt Continuity Mgmt Security Mgmt Supplier Mgmt
CSU - Service Catalogue
CSU - Service Catalogue Management Objectives
CSU - Service Catalogue Management Basic Concepts
CSU - Service Level Management Activities
CSU - Service Level Management Basic Concepts
CSU - Service Level Requirements
CSU - Service Level Management Relationships
ITIL SD - Service Level Framework
CSU - Service-Based SLA
CSU - Multi-Level Service Agreements
CSU - Operational Level Agreement
ITIL SD - Capacity Management
CSU - Capacity Management Objectives
CSU - Capacity Management - Capacity Plan
ITIL SD - Availability Management
CSU - Availability Management
CSU - Availability Management - Basic Concepts
CSU - Availability Management - Key Terminology
CSU - Availability Management - Objectives
Accenture - Risk Management Models
Queensland Gov't, Risk Treatment Plan
ITIL SD - Figure 4.15 - Expanded Incident Lifecycle
Arcserve - Guide to Availability, Continuity & Disaster Recovery | | |
ITIL SD - IT Service Continuity Management
CSU - Service Continuity Management Objectives
CSU - Service Continuity Management - Business Impact Analysis
Analytix - BCM Implementation Phases Diagram
ControllIT GmbH - BCM Project Phases Diagram
DRII/BCI Professional Practice Narrative - Best Practices for BIA
ITIL SD - Business Impact Analysis
ITIL SD - Risk Analysis
CSU - Information Security Management Security Framework
CSU - Information Security Management Basic Concepts
CSU - Security Management - Security Policy
CSU - Supplier Management - Basic Concepts
CSU - Supplier Management Objectives
CSU - Supplier Management - Contract DBMS
Service Design
8. Implementation: Business Impact SL Requirements Risks Implementation Measurement
CSU - Risk
CSU - Service Continuity Management - Risk Analysis [To top of Page]

Service Transition
4. Processes: Plan/Support Change Asset/Configuration Release/Deploy Validate/Test Evaluate Knowledge
Maven - Change Management
CSU - 7 R's of Change Management
CSU - Change Management Objectives
CSU - Change Management Process Activities
CSU - Change Types
CSU - Change Management Models and Workflows
CSU - Change Request Types
CSU - Change Management - Standard Change
CSU - Service Change
CSU - Configuration Item
CSU - Definitive Media Library
CSU - Release Policy
CSU - Release Unit
CSU - Service Knowledge Management System [To top of Page]

Service Operation
4. Processes: Event Incident Request Fulfillment Problem Access Other Operations
CSU - Event
CSU - Alert
CSU - Service Request
CSU - Incident
Short Cut Guide to Availability, Continuity, and Disaster Recovery , ,
CSU - Problem
CSU - Known Error Database
CSU - Workaround
CSU - Communication [To top of Page]

Continual Service Improvement
3. Principles: Org Change Ownership Roles Drivers SLM Deming Cycle Service Measurement Knowledge Mgmt Benchmarks Governance Frameworks
CSU - Continual Service Improvement Model
CSU - CSI Goals and Objectives
CSU - Baselines
CSU - Measurement
CSU - Types of Metrics
Metrics Best Practices
CSU - Service Review
CSU - Service Improvement Plan
CSU - IT Governance [To top of Page]

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