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My top 40 articles on LinkedIn based on popularity

I started writing posts on LinkedIn in October 2014 . Here are my top 40 articles since then :

I did not have a spit braai for XMAS

How Eskom should deal with the power crisis

Eskom has as it corporate byline, powering your world. If they were serious about a vision that mattered, they should change it to "Increasing power capacity". That is the vision and that is what it is about. It's a capacity crisis. But like any crisis or problem there are a host of underlying causes and not a single one which when addressed will solve everything. It is not that simple. A 5 point plan and an infographic on twitter doesn't address how the crisis will be solved. As stated by Deming, it is plan, do, act, check... then repeat continuously. Read about how I think the crisis should be addressed here .

How I met your mother

Boys, one day your mother was spread to the four corners of the Earth and some day it will be my turn. Find a nice bubbling stream for me and also leave a part of me at Grey . We won't have tombstones except digital ones . I don't know what my profiles will look like in 30 years time on LinkedIn , facebook , twitter or blogger . I assume they will be preserved and there will be memories for you to find, discover and enjoy. I'd don't know what the LinkedIn policy is for member's who have passed away? Maybe they can clarify it but I assume this will still be here. Read the article on LinkedIn's Pulse here .

Learning from great leaders, Mandela

I went to school in Bloemfontein, South Africa, at a school established by a Victorian liberal named, George Grey . Grey would make an even larger impression on the nation of New Zealand later on in his life. When I was at school at Grey College Mandela was banned. We had not seen him as his picture and words were banned as well. Read the full article on LinkedIn's Pulse here .