Useful Carrier Ethernet presenations (via MEF) that provide a good reference

Carrier Ethernet presentations by the MEF,  Click on the PowerPoint icon to download.

An Overview of the MEF

This presentation gives basic and most up-to-date information about the work of the MEF. It also introduces the definitions, scope and impact of Carrier Ethernet, the MEF Certification programs and describes the benefits of joining the MEF.

Overview of the Technical Work of the MEF

Includes a summary of the specifications of the MEF, structure of the technical committee, work in progress and relationships with other Industry Standards bodies.

Carrier Ethernet Services Overview

This presentation describes the MEF Ethernet Services that represent the principal attributes of a Carrier Ethernet Network. It looks at the 8 services and key specifications that drives the definitions and attributions of the services

Carrier Ethernet for Cloud Service Delivery

This presentation features the role of Carrier Ethernet in the delivery of cloud services and applications to the business community. The ability of Carrier Ethernet to deliver secure, high performance cloud services is key for all stakeholders. The presentation also covers future MEF work in development.

Carrier Ethernet User-Network Interface

This presentation discusses the market impact of MEF 20: UNI Type 2 Implementation Agreement and looks at the characteristics of a fundamental Carrier Ethernet building block

Carrier Ethernet — the Technology of Choice for Access Networks

This presentation describes how the MEF specifications bring Carrier Ethernet services to the world's Access networks (with examples of Active Ethernet (Direct Fiber), WDM Fiber, MSO Networks(COAX and Direct Fiber), Bonded Copper, PON Fiber and TDM (Bonded T1/E1, DS3/E3).

Carrier Ethernet Interconnect

This presentation which acts as a framework for all presentations given on this topic. The Interconnect Initiaive has driven the growth of ubiquious Ethernet Services the MEF's E-Access services and new technical work in progress. IT is one of the key drivers for the MEF's Service Operations Committee formed in April 2013

Carrier Ethernet OAM & Management Overview

This presentation describes the service management framework and the OAM elements for fault and performance management expressed in terms of the life cycle of a Carrier Ethernet circuit

Carrier Ethernet for Mobile Backhaul

A comprehensive marketing and technical overview of the MEF's initiative on Mobile Backhaul that has lead to the adoption of Carrier Ethernet as the technology of choice for 3G and 4G backhaul networks

Carrier Ethernet Business Services

A comprehensive presentation aimed at business users.

The MEF Certification Programs

A presentation of the MEFs three certification programs: Equipment, Services and Professionals (MEF-CECP). These programs have been a cornerstone of the success of Carrier Ethernet and its deployment in more than 100 countries around the world. The new CE 2.0 service certification is driving rapid adoption and the MEF-CECP program is growing at a fast pace.