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Support without limits

Madge Networks had a simple philosphy of "support without limits." It meant that if you bought a Madge product you could be guaranteed that the company would assist you unconditionally in the use of that product and not charge you extra. They did go titsup, but that is a different story.  Read and listen about why, here.

View the video here where Robert Madge explains about the philosophy.  You can find him on LinkedIn here.

Fourteen years, and many service management conferences, talks and workshops later, I still haven't witnessed an enterprise or vendor deliver to the same service quality as Madge.

Many companies and individuals are selfish and instead of focusing on adding value to the people that they are assisting, they instead rate and concentrate on their own worth. It is about, "what is in it for Moi?" Instead the primary focus should be about what Richard Branson states, "about doing the right thing," as blogged about here.  Madge, with it's simple vision was always able to do the right thing for the customer.

* This post is also available on LinkedIn here.


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