Sick! The hidden message from American Chopper for technologists

American Chopper is about making motorcycles that are sick! Sick means cool, good looking and aesthetically pleasing (heck, I can feel Paul Sr warming up his knuckles for that last description). The bottom line is that the Teutils won't make a chopper unless it looks good. Yes, it must be functional and have a purpose but it must be sick!

Read further about the message to technologists here.

Look at the video below of Designed by apple in California. It has a similar message:


  1. American Choppers Rule!! Love that program, but I also firmly believe that products must be appropiate for the environment they are used and teherefore if you could save costs by not having "sick" toys as apposed to "dull" toys of the same component quality, rather go for the cheaper one.

  2. Henry Ford said the same thing about the Model T Ford, which was dull. He famously said it was painted in any color, as long as it was black. Now "sick" is a Model T by Boyd Coddington of American Hot Rods fame on the Discovery Channel. Quality is about how it looks, feels and works.


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