Is work worth your soul?

When I was sixteen I lay on a Rugby field in Bloemfontein and experienced the worst pain ever in my life. I was involved in a rugby injury at Grey College in which my leg was shattered into pieces over a rugby ball. Broken in 27 pieces, the doctor later told me. A loose scrum had collapsed on me. Initially I tried to stand, only to see my leg at a right angle. I lay on the field in pain, clawing out tufts of grass with my fingers. They started bleeding. The coach came over to look and then phoned for an ambulance. My leg was in spasms. A kind hearted teacher, who we called Os, came over to enquire about how I felt. I said that I felt fokkin’ seer. I was taken to Universitas Hospital by ambulance and administered morphine. My medical expenses were paid for by the newly established Chris Burger fund.

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