I learnt to programme on a ZX81

I learnt to programme on a ZX81! I came across this article from the June 1981 edition of Personal Computer World, written by David Tebbutt. It was a damn interesting read and walk down memory lane.
Within ten years of starting on a ZX81, I was on an IBM mainframe. When I started, I naively assumed that the simplicity of Basic and Pascal would remain. I never realized then as I do now that IT, is subjective and is a gumbo of people, process and technology.
The mainframe seems to be resurrecting itself in new forms of cloud computing, and the modern day equivalent of the ZX81 seems to be the Raspberry Pi?


  1. Nice of you to remember and to credit me. I'm still alive, still writing. Not sure if we'll see the ZX81 again but some phones could almost qualify.

  2. Wow!!! This is way cool. Thanks for visiting. Iĺl be certain to read your blogs and to see if they are worth being awarded a few pineapples.

  3. Don't forget about the Commodore64

  4. I was a poor farmer's kid. Only the rich kids could afford a Commodore64!!!


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