Exploding toads - when the people of Hamburg started to panic - the Awesome World of Things

The good people of Hamburg started to panic after some thousand toads puffed up and exploded, their entrails splattering an area of up to a square metre. The site where this occurred in Hamburg's Altona district was named the "Pond of Death" and children and dogs were warned to stay away.
Theories ran wild that toads were committing suicide or were croaking because of a virus spread by South American race horses. One of Germany's top experts on amphibians cracked the case. Frank Mutschmann, found all the toads had identical circular incisions on their backs, small enough to be the work of a bird's beak and strangely, their livers were missing.
The toads were gruesomely murdered by crows with a taste for foie gras. Crows are clever enough to know that the toad's skin is toxic and that the liver is the only part worth eating.
According to Mutschmann the crows went in for the kill when the toads were too busy enjoying the heights of sexual excitement. "They would have noticed something as the crow pecked at them, but it wouldn't have been particularly painful."

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