An Introduction to 1001 Awesome things

"Surely, the age we live in must be the most interesting ever known to mankind.  In every field giant strides of discovery and invention have been made. Knowledge of this, that and the other has increased by leaps and bounds -and still we know so little; there is more and more to come."
"In these days of stress and strain, this type of publication should also prove a boon and a blessing for wet Sunday afternoons, when one wants to relax and yet be interested without too much effort."
This appears in a book published in 1935 called 1001 Wonderful Things. I found the book at the Bookdealers of Bryanston quite a few years ago. I often used to pop in their on a Sunday to find a book on space flight, science or history.
One of the things I wanted to do was write my own version of the book. 5h1t happens! I never did it.
So I am going to blog about 1001 things. I am going call it 1001 Awesome Things. I shouldn't run out of things as there are at least more than 101 great whiskies!

I've written about 1001 Wonderful Things over at LinkedIn here