#94 Igibisila

Bowiea volubilis subsp volubilis has an unusual succulent adaptation - climbing inflorescences that harvest photosynthetic light in the absence of aerial leaves. This has made it a collectable curiosity amongst bulb enthusiasts worldwide.
In southern Africa this species faces severe threat due to the medicinal market. Herbalists constantly rate this species as one of the top six medicinal species to have become scarce as a result of over-utilization.
Igibisila is used extensively for medicinal purposes. Its magical properties are well-regarded. Warriors are made brave and invincible, travellers protected, and love procured with this strange-looking plant.
We have a large number of these growing in our garden. Gomama says that the original bulb was given to her by Oupa Elliot.
Hopefully they'll work their magic!

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