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Where in the world is Robert Madge?

Many people emailed me to ask what is Robert Madge doing these days...

Robert Madge is the President of IDtrack (the European Association for Secure Identification), a non-profit organisation based in Barcelona, Spain, which provides information, guidance and coordination for the secure implementation of radio-frequency identification (RFID) and other techniques of automatic identification.Mr. Madge is also the founder of Xifrat Daten AG, of Zug in Switzerland, which develops software technology for large scale database implementations, and which produces solutions for process flow and for data-intensive product tracking and tracing applications (arising from the use of RFID and other data gathering technologies).
In addition, Mr. Madge is the founder and International Director of FoodReg AG, which provides automated record-keeping and controls for the food industry and which is a pioneer in food traceability solutions and computerised food safety programmes. Furthermore he is the founder and Chairman of Olzet Solutions SA, which provides consultancy and project implementation services across Europe to companies implementing product traceability and supply chain execution projects, and the founder of Olzet Seguridad Alimentaria SA, which provides similar services to the food industry in Spain.
From 1986 to 2001, Mr. Madge was the Chairman and CEO of Madge Networks NV, a company in the field of networking technology and products. Under Mr. Madge’s leadership, Madge Networks grew to become one of the world’s leading network product companies in the mid-1990s, producing innovative products based on the technologies of token ring, ATM, multi-media, and wireless networking. The company’s operations extended to offices in more than 40 countries, and annual sales of $500 million.
Prior to 1986, Mr. Madge was the Technical Director of Intelligent Software Ltd, an R&D company in the UK, and in 1981 was the inventor of the world’s first electronic organiser (which were the forerunners of PDAs).


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