Token-ring memories including a number of Madge Networks Videos

This is guaranteed to bring a tear to Simon's eye as he still can't bear the thought of putting his old token-ring equipment in the skip. Many moons ago through the Cape Town and Atlanta airports and at both locations I noticed token-ring networks. Please click on the comments field below this blog and tell me where else you have see token-ring still refusing to die.
While searching for a CD, I discovered a CD copy of my old Thinkpad with some video clips on it. So I created a YouTube account and uploaded them! I hope these memories will delight all the members of the old Madge. To view the HSTR seminar presentations click here and here.

Robert Madge on support without limits.
Madge Communications.
Madge Plant Tour.
HSTR Launch - Mike Wilson
HSTR launch - Jeff King and Simon Gawne.

HSTR LAB demo with Mike Cohen.

Sharon Wilber on HSTR alliance.

Jeff King doing a HSTR demo.


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