The fall of Madge (Tennant's podcast on Madge)

"Does the name Robert Madge mean anything to you? It probably rings a bell, if a distant one. Madge was the founder of Madge Networks, which in the late ‘90s was the market leader in Token Ring networking technology. The once high-flying company has since met the same fate as that of Token Ring itself: near oblivion.
The story of the collapse of Madge Networks is a remarkable one, especially when you hear it directly from Madge himself. That's what happened over breakfast earlier this week when I met up with Madge at the 16th World Congress on Information Technology in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Madge, who since leaving his namesake company in 2001 has won acclaim in the field of RFID and tracking technology, was completely open with me about the downfall"

The above podcast of Computerworld's Tennant is about the fall of Madge.