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Checklist for Good Health

Checklist for Good Health (健康十訓)
1. 少肉多菜 = eat less meat and more vegetables
2. 少塩多酢 = take less salt and more vinegar
3. 少糖多果 = eat less sugar and more fruit
4. 少食多噛 = eat less food and but chew it more thoroughly
5. 少衣多浴 = wear less clothes and bathe more often
6. 少言多行 = talk less and do more
7. 少欲多施 = desire less and give more
8. 少憂多眠 = worry less and sleep more
9. 少車多歩 = drive less and walk more
10. 少憤多笑 = anger less and laugh more

Checklist created from this post.


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