Seeking to eliminate the "techie curse"

I wrote about the "techie curse". Techies don't create documentation and most environments are a SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) desert. In every job in which I have started, no-one has ever given me a SOP of the services being provided. I would have to "sink or swim." Most techie managers who were treated in this manner, reinforce the behaviour by treating their subordinates in a similar manner. In reality they even go further to ridicule those who create documentation as bureaucratic. By this they imply that it is a waste of time but often the underlying reason is to be able to be a hero, as when the sh1t hits the fan, they are the only ones able to resolve it, as all the knowledge is in their heads and not on paper for anyone else to attempt to resolve. I have even been told that it stops their ability to be "business flexible." What a load of codswallop! Imagine if a new hire was given a SOP of the service they are responsible for delivering on day one of their tenure. Alas, most techies spend the first three weeks of their job being unproductive.


  1. I know how you feel.
    Why document if we can spent a lot training every time there is a handover in the team???

    We are Kilometers away but the scenario is the same on the latin companies.

  2. Hey Ronald,

    Came across your blog and was wondering if you were able to share your SOP template? I notice it gives 404's when I click on the link.


    1. Sorry, didn't realize the Telkom account had been deleted. Have created a new link.

  3. I just tried downloading your SOP template.
    But I am unable to connect to the ftp server.


  4. Hi,
    Trying to resolve the ftp server issue. Transfeering the docs from one system to another.
    Regards Ronald

  5. A good idea indeed. Let the negative thoughts be set aside.



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