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Token-ring memory lane

Bay networks token-ring hub.
Understanding token-ring.
Dilbert cartoon.
IBM 8229 Bridge.
Token-ring patch.
Token-ring setup tool.
IBM 8228.
Olicom NIC.
IBM 8239.
IBM 8272.
Cisco Catalyst 3900.
Thomas Conrad MAU.
Madge PCMCIA adapter.
Madge Deskstream.
IBM token-ring NICs.
3COM token-ring hub.
IBM 8270

Madge Networks three year gift

I was searching through my desk for a CD and discovered the Madge Networks three year employment gift. At least I think it was three years. It is a Gerber.

Podcast with Sy Liebergot

On September 21, 2006 Sy Liebergot, author of Apollo EECOM Journey of a Lifetime with, spoke at the University of Alaska Anchorage about Apollo 13.