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Jonk en mooi (Johannesburg Stock Exchange memories)

"Gedink jy sal dit waardeer. In my jong dae 95/96 rond toe ek betrokke was by die JSE se tokenring upgrade. Madge het op daai stadium net die 100 meg backbone switches gerelease. Moerse deurbraak gewees en die fondasie gele vir die decentralization van die ou mark vloer."



Dynamic routing and Firewalls

My mate Wimpie wrote to me with the following comment about dynamic routing and firewalls: " I cannot see any real reason why it should not participate in dynamic routing. I know if you talk to most security people they will say it should not. I cannot understand that. Most of the discussion I have read or heard justifies this view by saying that the firewall should never act as a router. Again I do not understand that because in my mind in reality the Firewall is logically performing a routing function no matter how you look at it. I also think this is an historical issue. The vendors that produce routers / firewalls are at fault as well. Many moons ago these function were supplied by dedicated firewalls / routers as no alternatives existed. However now these functions can be handled on one platform but people / vendors are still stuck in the past. They are still telling people the same thing which was true 10 years ago. The only issue in my mind is that you should secure

What is the meaning of severity 1?

In an effort to shed some kilos, I always take the scenic route up and down the stairs in the car park. I often pause at the first floor to reflect (not catch my breath!) Now ITIL refers to major incidents as those incidents with a severe negative business consequence. However, many people don't use the term major incidents but the so-called severity 1s. However, severity 1s are not the same as major incidents. Severity 1s are usually incidents that someone has perceived to be of high priority and not necessarily measured as a metric of business consequence. Most major incidents are severity 1s and most severity 1s are not major incidents!!!

The Cook in hospital!

Russell Cook, meanest network engineer in the campus, explains why it is not a good idea to attempt to mount a fully populated Cisco Catalyst 4510R all by yourself! I took Callie and Kath to Olivedale outpatients , and who should be there? None other than the Cook! He strained his back, reviving his old Cisco injury, reaching for the remote control (or slipped on the potato when climbing off his couch.) Who says using Cisco doesn't hurt?

The standard VLANs

This is to be used with the Best Practices Network Design. It lists the standard VLANs to be used. The optimal subnet mask to use for campus vlans is /23. ( This is because the optimal number of users on a subnet is 255 but when adds, moves and changes occur it is good to have a buffer as the defaulr DHCP lease is 8 days.

Uberfingers aka markd

Uberfingers does not use a keyboard. The keys just duck in fright! When Uberfingers shakes Chuck Norris' hand, he screams like a girl. You know where Uberfingers has been, all the door handles are ripped off. When Uberfingers goes on a picnic, he provides his hands as tables. Uberfingers sells his hands as advertising billboards. He is a mobile billboard when driving his car and when he waves. When movers can't lift something, they call Uberfingers. When Uberfingers points, people think it is a solar eclipse. Uberfingers swots Sumu wrestlers like flies. The only place Uberfingers can wash his hands is an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The Queen hires Uberfingers to give the 21 gun salute at her birthday, which he does by clapping his hands.