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Doing ITIL Change Management - putting your foot in it

When I worked at a bank famous for it's use of zebras, we would always have a weekly change management meeting. Maybe it was a CAB, or maybe not. The meeting was usually chaired by Mark who would preside over it like a service at a church. He would do a lot of preaching. Much of it from the book of ITIL. Many people rocked up at the meeting. Usually because the change requests were not fully completed and the techies doing the job would need to explain. BTW: Techies are useless at documentation. If you arrived late there would be no seat available in the room and a person would have to stand. This happened to me on one occasion. I was standing by the wall behind Mark while he preached ITIL. I decided to rest my foot on the waste basket next to me. For some stupid reason, instead of resting my foot on the rim, I planted it squarely in the middle of the waste basket. I tried my level best to extract my foot without anyone noticing. I didn't succeed and all I did

Snakes at the Lion Park