A good example of a major incident report

This report, BP GRANGEMOUTH, SCOTLAND, 29th MAY - 10th JUNE, is non-IT, but it it a great example of a incident report and a format that can readily be adopted. It also contains excellent visualizations using diagrams and pictures. This type of report should be constructed by BA for T5.

The report contains a description of the following:
  • The three incidents that occurred at the BP Grangemouth Complex between 29th May 2000 and 10th June 2000;
  • The immediate response of BP following the incidents (this includes the investigation carried out by the BP Task Force);
  • The series of investigations carried out by the Competent Authority in the aftermath of the incidents;
  • The subsequent findings of the Competent Authority investigations.
The report also summarises the following:
  • BP.s learnings from these incidents and the actions taken by BP;
  • The key lessons for major accident hazard sites;
  • Wider messages for industry.