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Adam and Callum Blake


DMZ checklist

This is a checklist to use when implementing DMZs. Use the external gateway router to bin unknown or unused protocols that are not required in the DMZ. This prevents the firewall processing from being swamped and acts as a second security skin. This traffic is binned using ACLs. Use private addresses in the DMZ and use the firewall to NAT to the external network. On the external gateway router bin all private addresses. Implement an IPS/IDS. Provide server protection – anti virus, anti spyware and anti rootkits. Data should not be stored in the DMZ that accepts incoming connections from the Internet or 3rd parties. A separate VLAN should exist that is traversed by a firewall to backhaul data for processing. Use reverse proxies in the incoming DMZ. This enables a system that has local data to be protected as it can be moved to an internal local network while still protecting the data. Use protected switch ports. Disable unused ports. Use port security to associate