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The Bartels' Tiger Team

This is the blog of the Bartels' Tiger Team: Callie (game ranger), Rayner (inventor) and Ronald (dad). Kathleen (mom) is an honourary member.

Checklist for IT Critical Success Factors

Business User Interaction - Retention as a low-cost methods to increase revenue (retention is cheaper than acquisition), Voluntary, Long-term relationships, Referrals and testimonials as powerful tools that result from Business User satisfaction or dissatisfaction (referral Business Unit users are already sold, before they even call you.) Management engagement and support - Visible & consistent support, Active role in communication & reward, Assuring linkage of information technology to corporate strategies, Clear prioritization (relative to other initiatives, programs & priorities), Use facts & data to support actions at all levels of decision-making, Creating accountability's, expectations, roles & responsibilities for the enterprise, Conducting and attending regular reviews to assure & verify progress. Projects -Establish a documented project inventory (refresh regularly), Assure linkage of projects to critical enterprise & Business Unit user nee

Checklist for network management features

Checklist for network management system (NMS) features: FCAPS - Fault, Capacity, Accounting, Performance and Security. Network topology mapping using CDP, ICMP. SOP repositary. SLA repositary and measurement. Checklists. Full ability of interpret and monitor using the ICMP protocol . Active Directory. Health. Monitor users and groups. Search engine. Syslog aggregation. QoS. IP SLA. Netflow. Routing. MPLS. View from Mobile phone. Redundancy. Operating system support: Windows, Linux, MAC, iSeries, ZOS, Novell. Full stack analysis of http and https web servers. TCP and UPD port testing including ftp, http, https, smtp, pop3, dns, telnet, imap, nntp and ssh servers. Diagnostics. Notification and alerting. SMS. Historical reporting. Trending. Monitoring and conformation of email flow - bounce emails. Use ODBC, ADO and OLE-DB interfaces to monitor databases. Event logs. Disk space and availablity. Memory usage. Processes. Services. Temperature Humidity Wat