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Great set of IT Architecture resources from Bredemeyer Consulting

Papers on Software Architecture, Architecting and Architects " Architect: What's in a Name? " by Ruth Malan, April 2006. " Architects and Accountability ," by Ruth Malan, April 2006. " Key Architecture Decisions Template " (MS Word doc), by Anshu Gaind, October 2005. Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer wrote Cutter Consortium's June 2005 Enterprise Architecture Executive Report. It is titled "Enterprise Architecture as Strategic Differentiator ." You can download a complimentary copy from Dana Bredemeyer and Ruth Malan, "What it Takes to be a Great Enterprise Architect," Enterprise Architecture Executive Report, Cutter Consortium, August 2004. Cutter is running a promotion, and you can download this issue free at http://ww

ATM overview

Download the Madge ATM Sales slidedeck here . This seems strange with hindsight: " ATM has the potential to displace all existing inter networking technologies, ATM has the potential to displace all other LAN technologies in the backbone. "