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WiFi has changed: Is UniFi better than Cisco?

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Top Threats your Business Can Prevent on the DNS Level

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the underlying fabric that connects almost every gadget, service and endpoint in a company. And depending on how you manage your DNS landscape, it might be your IT security team’s guardian angel or when poorly managed your worst nightmare. Read the full article over at Threatpost:  Top Threats your Business Can Prevent on the DNS Level

Your path to success || Network Engineer in 2021

What should you be learning in 2021 to be successful as a network engineer? Which skills and trends are most important.

easywall - Web interface for easy use of the IPTables firewall on Linux systems written in Python3.

Firewalls are becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Hackers and automated scripts are constantly trying to invade your system and use it for Bitcoin mining, botnets or other things. To prevent these attacks, you can use a firewall on your system. IPTables is the strongest firewall in Linux because it can filter packets in the kernel before they reach the application. Using IPTables is not very easy for Linux beginners. We have created easywall - the simple IPTables web interface . The focus of the software is on easy installation and use. Access this neat software over on github: easywall

Silicon Valley S01E05 scrum scene


TROOPERS13 - Virtual firewalls - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Ivan Pepelnjak