Ethr 1.0 – A comprehensive network measurement and analysis tool

 In this post, I talk about an open source tool called Ethr , built as a side project, to provide many such capabilities in a single, easy to use binary. The tool is recently released as v1.0 and supports various types of network measurements such as throughput, packets/s, connections/s, network latency, ICMP & TCP ping, traceroute and MyTraceRoute. This makes it convenient to do various types of measurements without having to download and maintain a multitude of tools. Reference:

6 Common Spanning Tree Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  Let me start by saying that spanning tree is a Good Thing. It saves you from loops, which will completely shut down a network. But it has to be configured properly to work properly. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had a client call me, desperate with a terribly broken network, and I’ve responded, “Sounds like a spanning tree problem.”  There are many ways things can go wrong with spanning tree . In this article I’ve collected a few of the recurring themes.  Read the article over at auvik over here .

No More Net-SNMP Nodes

As an avowed Linux-head and long-time *nix Sysadmin wanna be, I'm more than a little miffed to see all of my pretty pretty non-windows servers lumped into this big bucket of "net-snmp" in the machine-type list. Read the blog post here .

Threat intelligence in SD-WAN

Information security has become a great cause of concern as can be referred to in this article on MyBroadband: South African construction company hit by cyberattack . Read the article Threat intelligence in SD-WAN over on LinkedIn.

The death of tape has been greatly exaggerated

In a recent news article Bloomberg's has reported on the return of reel-to-reel tape into the music market. Ironically, in Information Technology, tape is also maligned and has been assigned to the scrapheap of history like the VCR . In most cases, the alternative of hard disks, also known as spinning rust, is promoted as the only storage solution required. Ironically, spinning rust is the derogatory term used by the protagonists of flash arrays or SSD s, who in term predict the death of hard disks. Read the full article: The death of tape has been greatly exaggerated

DIE STELLALANDER TOSCA (soos geskryf deur Dawid Viviers)

Daar heers groot ongelukkigheid onder leeu boere in die Vryburg en Tosca omgewing. Die boere het, volgens ‘n betroubare bron, glo reeds regsadvies ingewin by ‘n prokureur in Vryburg oor die moontlikheid om regsstappe te neem teen ‘n groep oud leerders van Grey kollege in Bloemfontein. Volgens die bron, ene Sarie Talkalot, wil die boere die groep manne dagvaar vir skadevergoeding nadat die prys van geblikte leeus oornag geval het na aanleiding van ‘n berig wat in Die Volksblad verskyn het onder die opskrif “Dronk leeu laat Bfn-manne bewe, duik en hol.” Mej Talkalot, ‘n tikster in die prokureur se kantoor, het alles aan ons ondersoekende verslaggewer, Henry Vrabaie, uitgeblaker nadat hy haar, soos hy dit stel, “n bietjie gedruk het vir inligting”. Mej Talkalot , wat nou nie net swanger is nie, maar ook sommer in groot moeilikheid by haar werkgewer is, sê dat sy gewoonlik glad nie baie praat nie en eintlik enige geheim goed kan bewaar. Sy het egter voor Mnr Vrabaie se sjarme geswig nadat